Best Recliners for 2019


There are many recliners out there to choose from and it can be difficult to narrow down your selection to the one style you really like. In addition, once you have the style decided upon, you still have to figure out which brand you want, the type of construction you are looking for, and you have to find the right colors to fit with your overall decor.

You don’t need to stress yourself out about shopping for a new comfortable chair, since half the time you are shopping you can relax while you are testing out a new chair in the store. It is not always easy to get the right piece of furniture, but it does not have to be as difficult as you may think.

Types of Recliners in the Market

Here are a few choices you may want to look at while shopping.

1. Leather Recliners

A leather recliner is always a great way to go. It is one of the most popular types of recliners and you can certainly find one that you will like. They can be made of genuine leather or synthetic leather and you can choose between a metal or wood frame. You can also choose between gel cushions, air cushions, fiber cushions, foam cushions, or even the most luxurious memory foam cushions.

2. Classic Recliners

The classic chair style is going to feature a smaller recliner and usually fits with the more conservative decor. You can find these types of chairs in a wide range of patterns and colors along with leather and even microfiber. They usually tilt back with the use of a handle on the side of the chair and most of the time they will have a footrest that pops up from the front of the chair.

3. Swivel Recliners

Swivel chairs are a great choice if you are looking for a more practical option. They usually come with a round base and the actual chair is installed on a stand. You will have the ability to swivel from one side to the other, while reclining, which is something you may need. This is much like a hybrid between a nice office chair and a living room recliner.

4. Ergonomically Designed Recliners

Another very popular choice is to get an ergonomically designed chair. Those looking for the best possible comfort will find it with a chair designed for comfort. It will conform to every contour of your body and help to relieve pressure from the areas you carry your stress. Some of these recliners will even feature massaging mechanisms and they are almost always made with memory foam.

Best Recliners

Some of the best brands include Lane recliners, Berkline recliners, Palliser recliners, Southern motion, Simmons, Mac Motion, Barcalounger, LAZ boy, Wallaway, Lafter, Natuzzi and others.  There are many styles as well including loveseats, Big Man, outdoor, home theater, medical models, double models, lift chair, wall-saver, heavy duty, childrens, ergonomic, wingback, petite, lift chair models for the elderly, toddler models, high leg models, mission style, Euro and many more!

There are many styles to choose from and you will notice the variety as soon as you start shopping. Take your time and make sure you are choosing the recliner that will fit best with the decor of your home and will also provide you with the comfort you deserve. After all, you are going to use this chair for many years and you deserve a recliner that you absolutely love.