Slavery in America

“No pen can give an adequate description of the all-pervading corruption produced by slavery.” – Harriet Jacobs

Over a century and a half has passed since slavery was abolished in the United States; a move which divided the nation.

At a time when slavery was accepted, even free African Americans were at a distinct disadvantage. They, like slaves, were segregated from white people, prevented from attending higher education, and not allowed to congregate in large numbers for fear of rebellion. They were not permitted to bear arms, forbidden from reading or writing and could not testify againt a white person in court.

Though slavery is now illegal worldwide, it is far from an issue in the past. According to figures published by the Global Slavery Index Report, it is estimated that there is a staggering 29.8 million people in slavery today, 72.14% of which are said to be in Asia.

  • Learn about the impact that abolitionists made on society.
  • Read about the lives of famous African American slaves.
  • Discover the inventive ways that slaves used to escape from their masters.
  • Learn about the harsh realities of slavery and the treatment that slaves endured.
  • Read about the slave codes used across many states.
  • Learn about the people that helped escort and shelter escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad.
  • Read about instigators of the most famous slave rebellions.
  • View the definitions of words frequently used relating to slavery and abolition.


Famous American Abolitionists

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Famous American Slaves

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Famous Slave Escapes

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Famous Slave Rebellions

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Slavery Glossary

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State Slave Laws

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